About AMM


The Alliance for mRNA Medicines (AMM) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing and advocating for mRNA and next-generation encoding RNA therapeutics and vaccines for the benefit of patients, public health, and society. Our mission is to propel the future of mRNA medicine, improve patients’ lives, and advance scientific knowledge by convening and empowering mRNA industry leaders, innovators, scientists, and other key stakeholders.

Executive Committee

Andrew Geall

Board Chair
Replicate Bioscience

Roberta Duncan

Board Vice-Chair

Anshul Mangal

Board Treasurer
Project Farma and Precision ADVANCE

Kate Broderick

Board Secretary
Maravai Life Sciences

Mayealie Adams

At-Large Board Executive

Andreas Kuhn

At-Large Board Executive

Board of Directors

Ying Tam

Acuitas Therapeutics

Chris Murphy

Akron Biotech

Ye Zhang

Arcturus Therapeutics

Thomas Preiss

Australian National University

Timothy Mercer

BASE mRNA Facility, The University Of Queensland

Andreas Kuhn


Roberta Duncan


Vicent Nebot


Francois Kerendi


Remo Moomiaie-Qajar


Daria Donati


Mayealie Adams


Yong Jae Kim

De novo

Peter Chu

Eclipse BioInnovations

Bernard Sagaert


Thomas Langenickel


Patrick Thiaville


Dominika Nowis

ExploRNA Therapeutics

Tracy Meffen

Genevant Sciences

Joel Harris


Sarit Schwartz

Ginkgo Bioworks

Loren Beck

HDT Bio Corp.

Zoser Salama


Jeff Coller

Johns Hopkins

Kate Broderick

Maravai LifeSciences

Jack Horgan


Gloria Olivier

Mayo Clinic

Richard Sayre

Mercury Bio

Ian Wiener


David Weinberg

Parcel Biosciences, Inc.

Michele Rubino

Primrose Bio

Anshul Mangal

Project Farma

Robert Georgantas


Guillaume Roelandts


Melanie Cerullo


Erica Jefferson

ReCode Therapeutics

Andrew Geall

Replicate Bioscience

Francis Poulin

Sail Biomedicines

Baley Reeves

Texas A&M National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing

Christian Cobaugh


Fred Fiedorek


Sia Anagnostou


Leonie Wyffels

Ziphius Vaccines

Our Team

Clay Alspach

Executive Director

Sara Singleton

Managing Director

Morrie Ruffin

Senior Advisor

Our Members

AMM members represent some of the most recognized mRNA innovators in the field. Bringing the best minds together, we aim to overcome the most critical obstacles inhibiting the advancement of mRNA research, development and manufacturing.

Why Should You Join AMM?

Interested in becoming a member of AMM? Check out the benefits of membership below.  

Policy Leadership

Leverage the combined strength of the global mRNA community to define and advance the sector’s top policy priorities before influential legislative leaders in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Regulatory Support

Accelerate your projects through our proactive engagement with regulatory agencies, working towards the swift approval of new mRNA therapeutics and vaccines. Spearhead global efforts to establish quality manufacturing standards and metrics.

Innovation and Technology

In the rapidly advancing world of mRNA and RNA medicines, AMM members gain exclusive insights into the cutting-edge technology and research driving our sector forward. AMM promotes technological collaborations between our members and leading tech innovators worldwide, and invites members to take part in AMM’s Science and Technology work groups.

Market Insights

Our comprehensive awareness and education program increases understanding of mRNA and next-generation encoding RNA therapeutics and vaccines’ potential. Our global communications strategy educates the marketplace and policy arenas, and offers members timely, relevant, and impactful industry news.

A Thriving Network

Connect with our community of innovators, therapeutic developers, and key opinion leaders at AMM’s exclusive networking events. From our annual flagship meeting to smaller regional roundtables, you’ll engage with experts and leaders shaping the industry.

Data at Your Fingertips

Gain unparalleled access to our growing industry data resources — a robust collection of third-party sources and our own proprietary research. Access global mRNA and next-generation RNA research, investments, and insights. From clinical to financial data, we will ensure you have the knowledge to track sector progress through our regular reports.

Workforce Development

Through our partnerships with industry stakeholders, we’re committed to nurturing talent with resources dedicated to training and development. Equip your team with the skills needed to drive your organization forward.

Investor Access

AMM partners with investor groups and financial institutions — critical connections that can support your organization’s capacity to secure capital for R&D — and invites members to join focused investor events, attracting investment for your initiatives.