Policy & Regulation

Top Policy Issues

AMM advisors will engage with governments, policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to advocate for policies that encourage innovation, define regulatory standards, support manufacturing and promote access of mRNA medicines to patients.

Regulatory framework for vaccines and therapeutics

To realize the promise of mRNA across its many potential applications, AMM believes regulators should develop a specific regulatory framework for mRNA Why? The areas in which the field needs clarity for mRNA development and manufacturing are different than the issues most pressing for small molecules and other biologics (including cell and gene medicine). The development of a specific framework for mRNA would provide certainty for the community as well as help FDA as it they consider issues from pre-clinical to post-approval.


This regulatory environment would enable continued flexibility and speed in development of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics around the world.


AMM is also promoting international harmonization and cooperation among regulatory authorities across the globe to propel mRNA technology forward in all its potential uses and to move smoothly between discovery, development and deployment stages.

Standards Development

With some of the most recognized innovators in mRNA, AMM will help overcome the obstacles to mRNA medicined development stemming from uncertainty about standards. We are convening our members and partnering with relevant organizations to develop, where needed, or improve upon standards for the field.

Education (combating mRNA vaccine misinformation and explaining mRNA therapeutics)

AMM is playing a role in combatting mRNA vaccine misinformation and demystifying the technology by explaining how mRNA works. We are educating policymakers, payers, and the public about the great potential of mRNA across many different applications so that as they move from bench to bedside, there is greater awareness of it.


As more mRNA based therapies and vaccines are developed, AMM will lead the field in communicating to government and private sector payers on access issues to ensure patients receive the benefits of these products.

Pandemic preparedness

The versatility and agility of mRNA technology combined with the high level of coordination between industry and regulators enabled development, approval and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in record time. Looking forward, AMM is pursing development of a framework that will enable rapid deployment of mRNA vaccines for new pathogens as need arise. 

AMM DC Day with Policymakers

In September, AMM held its inaugural DC Day event in Washington, D.C. The event aimed to introduce the organization’s objectives and discuss the transformative potential of mRNA technologies.

Key meetings were held with various policymakers, including Peter Marks, Director of the FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, and leadership from Cancer Moonshot and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. On Capitol Hill, AMM met with Senator Bill Cassidy, Representative Brett Guthrie, and senior staff for Senators Gary Peters and Bob Casey.

Check out the highlight reel and pictures from the event below.  

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