Science & Innovation

AMM brings the best minds together to overcome the most critical obstacles inhibiting the advancement of mRNA research, development and manufacturing. Furthermore, AMM forges inclusive and collaborative partnerships with other networking forums to co-publish, augment or improve upon technical and scientific content generated by these groups.


AMM’s members are deeply involved in mRNA research, as academic institutions and private sector R&D organizations. The organization supports policies and funding opportunities that advance such research, like the recently announced Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (APRA-H) CUREIT project that aims to train the immune system to better fight cancer and other diseases with the goal of developing generalizable mRNA platforms to treat diverse diseases and save lives and the FDA-funded center for research on continuous mRNA manufacturing.


To fully realize the benefits of mRNA technology across its many potential applications, the field needs further alignment on manufacturing standards.  Support for, and recognition of, standards will provide significant benefits, including fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling innovation and development of new products, advancing regulators’ comprehensive review of new products, and decreasing unnecessary and wasteful costs to patients.


AMM will play an industry-wide role in ensuring mRNA products can overcome current barriers to commercialization. Our members span the full range of the R&D lifecycle and collectively are poised to address these issues.