Dr Gisela Mautner

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
  • Noxopharm’s innovative Sofra™ technology platform comprises a novel class of immunomodulators capable of reducing the reactogenicity of mRNA vaccines and RNA therapeutics, as well as treating autoimmune diseases.
  • The platform is based upon oligonucleotides that act on specific cellular nucleic acid sensors to modulate inflammation at its source.
  • Noxopharm’s most advanced preclinical asset, SOF-VAC™, has potential applications in the treatment of excessive inflammatory responses resulting from mRNA vaccines and RNA therapeutics.
  • The company is also rapidly progressing SOF-SKN™, a new oligonucleotide-based treatment for lupus, with future indications targeting other autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Based in Sydney, Australia, Noxopharm works in close partnership with the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, a center of excellence for inflammation-related diseases.