University Of Queensland

Professor Timothy Mercer

Director, BASE
University Of Queensland

The BASE mRNA Facility, at University of Queensland, is one of Australia’s leading sites for mRNA manufacture and research. Our mission is to provide scientists with affordable, reliable, and rapid access to mRNA technologies so they may translate their biomedical research into innovative mRNA products.

  • BASE is Australia’s leading supplier of mRNA, providing mRNA from discovery through to early-stage clinical trials. We have the expertise, equipment and experience in providing end-to-end capabilities in mRNA design, synthesis, LNP formulation and quality control analysis.
  • BASE scientists have experience manufacturing hundreds of mRNA vaccines and therapies. We have a successful track record in process development, and partner with leading international biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop new approaches to mRNA design and manufacture.
  • BASE researchers are also developing novel mRNA strategies and therapies. Our team are progressing a pipeline of mRNA candidates from pre-clinical steps to early-stage clinical trials.

Dedicated to advancing and advocating for mRNA and next-generation encoding RNA therapeutics and vaccines.