Ginkgo Bioworks

Sarit Schwartz, PhD

Director, Head of RNA Business Development
Ginkgo Bioworks
  • Providing our partners end-to-end workflows to help solve the toughest mRNA and circRNA challenges.
  • Proprietary RNA platform to enable strong, durable expression and to develop robust synthesis & purification processes.
  • Power to explore extensive genetic design possibilities, employing model-guided, unbiased methods in vitro (with animal reiterations); high-throughput workflows to produce large numbers of constructs; and high yield workflows to produce RNA molecules at mg scale.
  • Access to pre-characterized genetic elements to help our partners to build therapeutics faster, including novel methods for circularizing RNAs, proprietary IRES sequences to drive protein expression, and sequence/structural elements for application in RNA.
  • Ginkgo is excited about the potential of RNA to change lives – Ginkgo will meet you wherever you are on your discovery journey to enable and accelerate your work.