ReCode Therapeutics

Shehnaaz Suliman, M.D., M.B.A., M.Phil.

Chief Executive Officer
ReCode Therapeutics
  • ReCode Therapeutics is a clinical-stage genetic medicines company using precision delivery to power the next wave of mRNA and gene correction therapeutics. 
  • ReCode’s selective organ targeting (SORT) lipid nanoparticle (LNP) platform is the foundation for its pipeline of disease-modifying mRNA medicines that address the underlying cause of rare and common genetic diseases.
  • The SORT LNP platform is a first-in-class modular technology that goes beyond the lipid nanoparticle delivery systems used in the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. SORT LNPs are engineered to deliver the right genetic therapeutic to the right organs and tissues with the optimal mode of administration.
  • ReCode’s lead investigational programs include RCT1100, an mRNA-based therapeutic for primary ciliary dyskinesia caused by pathogenic mutations in DNAI1, a gene that encodes a protein essential for ciliary movement, and RCT2100, an investigational mRNA-based therapeutic for the 10-13% of cystic fibrosis patients who have Class I mutations in the CFTR gene and do not respond to currently approved CFTR modulators.